Telegraf Basics
Telegraf Tutorial Course for Basics
Telegraf Tutorial Course for Basics
25 min

Telegraf Basics Tutorial Course

Course Description
Telegraf is an open source server agent for collecting and sending metrics which has over 300 plugins for connecting to different data sources. In this course you will learn how to get started with Telegraf and some common use cases. After that you will learn about some best practices when it comes to deploying Telegraf as well as how to properly configure Telegraf. The final section of the course will teach you how to write your own custom Telegraf plugin as well as cover how to use the ExecD Plugin with Telegraf.
What you'll learn
  • What is Telegraf
  • Telegraf architecture best practices
  • How Telegraf plugins work
  • How to write your own Telegraf plugin
  • How to use the Telegraf ExecD plugin
  • Basic programming experience
Recommended Resources
Alan Pope
Alan Pope is a Developer Advocate for Telegraf at InfluxData. He’s been an active Open Source contributor for over a decade. Alan previously worked on Ubuntu and in a past life taught SAP training course. In his spare time, he presents a long-running podcast with friends. He enjoys conversations about the intersection of technology and humanity. Alan loves cats.