Query InfluxDB 3.0 Using JDBC Driver for Tableau
15 minutes

Course Description
Built on open source technology, InfluxDB integrates with a wide range of tools and solutions. When it comes to data visualization, users can choose to connect their InfluxDB instance(s) with Tableau and run SQL queries. This tutorial shows you how to set up InfluxDB with Tableau so that you can get more out of your time series data.
What you'll learn
  • How the Arrow Flight JDBC driver differs from traditional JDBC setups
  • How to download, install, and configure Tableau
  • How to connect Tableau to InfluxDB as a data source
Chunchun Ye
Chunchun is a Software Engineer at InfluxData on the query team. With a background in front-end development, she is fascinated with the database world and has been contributing to open source projects such as Apache Arrow and DataFusion. When she is not coding, you can find her experimenting with new recipes and preparing food to share with her friends.