Intro to Apache Arrow
30 minutes

Course Description
Learn all about Apache Arrow, an open source, column-oriented data analytics library that improves big data processing efficiency by providing a standardized way to represent complex data in a flat memory format. InfluxDB 3.0 uses Apache Arrow for its efficiency and interoperability with different languages, making it ideal for big data processing. Apache Arrow provides developers with a flexible and efficient tool for big data processing because you can use it with Python and other client-based libraries.
What you'll learn
  • Apache Arrow's role and efficiency in data processing
  • Apache Parquet's storage capabilities
  • How InfluxDB 3.0 uses Apache Arrow, Parquet, and Flight SQL
Jay Clifford
Jay Clifford is a Developer Advocate for InfluxData. Before joining InfluxData he previously specialized in solving industrial pain points using Vision AI and OT connectivity. Jay now uses his experience within the IoT and automation sector to enable developers and industrial customers alike to realize the potential of Time Series data and analytics.
Zoe Steinkamp
Zoe Steinkamp is a Developer Advocate for InfluxData. She has worked for InfluxData as a front end software engineer for over two years. Before InfluxData, she worked as a front end engineer for over 5 years in the original AngularJS. She originally went to a bootcamp for training in Python. Her favorite activities outside of work include traveling and gardening.