InfluxDB Essentials
InfluxDB Tutorial Course for Essentials on Time Series Data
InfluxDB Tutorial Course for Essentials on Time Series Data
6-9 hours

InfluxDB Essentials Tutorial Course

Course Description
NOTE: The content of this course pertains to InfluxDB Cloud running on the TSM engine and the open source version of InfluxDB. An updated course for InfluxDB 3.0 is available in the course catalog. This course covers the fundamentals of InfluxDB. It walks through the various components of the platform, and introduces the InfluxDB data model and how to map raw data onto it. After covering these concepts you will write data into a live InfluxDB instance. You will also learn about Flux, a scripting and query language to read data from InfluxDB and how to use it for more advanced transformation and analysis of time series data. Finally, this course examines different methods for visualizing data with InfluxDB and how to use tasks to automate different workflows, create alerts and notifications, and how you can combine InfluxDB with other tools in your architecture.
What you'll learn
  • The basic components of InfluxDB
  • How to format and write data into InfluxDB
  • How to use Flux to access, transform, and analyze data in InfluxDB
  • How to visualize time series data with InfluxDB
  • How to use tasks in InfluxDB for automation
  • Basic understanding of time series data
  • Basic understanding of programming (writing, scripting, querying, and engineering tasks)
  • A free InfluxDB Cloud account
Recommended Resources
Anais Dotis-Georgiou
Anais Dotis-Georgiou is a Developer Advocate for InfluxData with a passion for making data beautiful with the use of Data Analytics, AI, and Machine Learning. She takes the data that she collects, does a mix of research, exploration, and engineering to translate the data into something of function, value, and beauty. When she is not behind a screen, you can find her outside drawing, stretching, boarding, or chasing after a soccer ball. GitHub: @Anaisdg
Michael Hall
Michael Hall leads the Developer Relations team at InfluxData and is an open source software developer, community manager and technology evangelist. He has extensive experience in developing desktop and web-based software in a large variety of languages and frameworks, and contributes to a number of open source projects and communities. GitHub: @mhall119